About me

I have more than 10 years of accounting experience and have been active in the Chamber of Tax Advisors since my certification in 2013. I also received my degree in Tax Advisory from the Brno University of Technology here in the Czech Republic.

I have worked as both a staff accountant and as a corporate tax accountant, providing tax services for different sizes of companies, from large corporations to small businesses. My specialization is in working with foreigners filing Czech taxes.

My goal is provide personal attention to my clients, as I always aim to establish an active working relationship. I strive to be available for in-person meetings and phone calls so that my clients never feel alone. I also take the time ask the right questions to make sure that things are done properly, even if this sometimes means extra work for myself.

I work all around the Czech Republic and it would be my pleasure to visit you in person at your office regularly. However, I use many different tools to share documents online so we can keep in an active contact for the rest of the time. You can always check in to see how the work is going in real time.

I love spending my free time with my family, ideally traveling without any strict plans. Our VW Transporter has become our second home, improved and upgraded with love by many DIY projects.
My family is completed with my dogs Abby and Jezinka; two beautiful border collies. Thanks to them I wake up every morning excited and full of energy. They don’t leave me any choice!