I’m offering complex accounting, payroll management and tax advisory services. I can represent you in front of authorities to save you time.

I have experience with small businesses, manufacturers, larger restaurants, small take-aways or healthcare providers. Each business provides a new challenge and a great experience.

I’m here for you when you need:

  • keeping of your accounts
  • handling of your tax agenda
  • preparing and filing of your tax returns (mostly: Natural Person Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, VAT, Road Tax)
  • tax consulting and filing extensions
  • representation before Czech authorities (revenue office, health insurance companies, social security administration)
  • reconstruction of accounts
  • keeping of Intrastat records
  • full payroll administration and HR management

Are you self-employed or a small company with a limited budget?

I still remember how difficult it was to start my own business. I can advise you on how to manage your records so that you pay only for the expert part of the work.

Are you already established on the market? Do you need advanced accounting but keeping a full-time accountant may be too expensive?

Apart from the usual bookkeeping:
– I will process your documentation on a regular basis, providing you an overview of how your business is doing at any time during the year
– I will let you know which of your customers still need to settle their accounts and all of your current obligations
– I will make sure your records are complete and unquestionable so you don’t have to worry about authorities or audits
– I will keep track of everything an official authority may request. Together we can then work out the best solution if an issue arises
– I will meet with you in as often as necessary to ensure all of your documents are processed correctly.

Never fall behind on your paperwork

So that you fully concentrate on your business
– I will visit your data box daily on your behalf to ensure you never miss communication from authorities.
– I can negotiate with the authorities for you when they need information or changes to documents
– I will create any documents and reports needed for banks, insurance companies and/or other purposes according to your situation.

It’s possible to pick up your documentation in person during a regular meeting or even oven over lunch. You can also mail it to me to save time.

As a tax consultant I can help limit your liability. I am legally responsible for any mistakes caused and am insured against civil liability as defined by the law.

When we close the year, I will make sure you receive copies of all of your previous year’s documentation in a digital format. All data is secured and archived across multiple backups.